Die Detox Saftkur von Pressbar

Mehr als nur kaltgepresste Säfte, Weil es um dich geht

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Detox Kur – Control Your Health

Important information:

* 100% natural juice

* without preservatives and artificial colors

* without flavoring ingredients

* without sugar

* cold pressed

* up to 1 kg of fruit / 250 ml of juice (vegetable or fruit juice)

* unpasteurized

* not heat-treated

* Your daily dose of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants


Ingredients and calories:

Pressbar Total consists of six different juices made from cold-pressed fruit and vegetables.

Suggested schedule of consumption: drink the red juice in the morning and the green juice in the afternoon. For successful detoxification, it is important to drink plenty of liquids.

During the day, it is recommended to drink about 2 liters, total.

Sweetened drinks, carbonated or caffeinated should be avoided, instead we recommend drinking (tap) water. Start off your day with a glass of warm water and few drops of lemon, to get your metabolism up and running.

With Pressbar juices, you will get a healthy start from 16 different cold-pressed fruits and vegetables which can provide an effective detoxification.



 With the 1.5 liter of juice “Total option” provides 597 kJ / kcal

 With the 1.5 liter of juice “Green option” provides 554 kJ / kcal and

 With the 1.5 liter of juice “Red option” provides 640 kJ / kcal.


The juices are packed in 250 ml bottles.


What's in the Box?


Pressbar “Total option pack” includes six bottles of each juice per day.


Pressbar “Green package” contains six bottles of green juices:

2 bottles of apple, kale, spinach, mint and lime juice,

2 bottles of pear, cucumber, pineapple and lime juice and

2 bottles of spinach, pineapple, apple lemon,


Pressbar “Red package” contains six bottles of red juices:

2 bottles of orange, carrot, apple and ginger.

2 bottles of pink grapefruit, beetroot, apple and raspberry puree and

2 bottles of red currant, apple, pineapple and ginger.



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